Poverty in Cornwall – what is going on ?

Cornwall is the poorest county in England and Wales (per indices of multiple deprivation, office of national statistics).

In spite of recent improvements, Cornwall still lags behind the rest of the uk in terms of earnings, with average annual earnings 16.4% lower than the rest of the uk.

The low-wage economy in Cornwall, seasonal nature of many dominant employment sectors, and low savings levels among average-low income households, place many people at increased risk of debt and financial insecurity.
Current changes in welfare benefits are also clearly having an increased impact on Cornwall’s position, and serious indebtedness is now encompassing people who previously would not have been considered vulnerable.

CBS in conversation with client at CPR foodbank, Camborne

What we offer

  • On line welfare and benefit applications
  • Group presentations on debt and money issues
  • General advice
  • Person centred therapy
  • Loan shark prevention training

We can do this…

  • by on site meeting with your own clients individually or as
    a group
  • at our own offices
  • by telephone (one to one service)