CPR Foodbank launches new warehouse

THERE was rapturous applause from trustees and volunteers who had gathered to mark the launch of the Camborne Pool Redruth (CPR) Foodbank’s new warehouse.

The warehouse, located on the Pool Industrial Estate, is foodbank co-ordinator Donavon Gardner’s latest effort to make the service more efficient and more accessible to people in need of assistance.

More than 40 people gathered on Friday morning to watch foodbank patron lord lieutenant Edward Bolitho declare it officially open.

The warehouse will be open four days a week and ensure that usable, in-date food is processes quickly and distributed to those in need, rather than being sent to landfill.

At the launch Mr Gardner also announced that the CPR Foodbank will be adding to its stations in Camborne and Redruth by opening another at the Light and Life Centre in Fore Street, Pool.

Mr Gardner said: "We have had two foodbanks open in Camborne and Redruth for six years and it gives me great delight to be opening a third in Pool.

"In terms of the new warehouse, a central packing area will stop out-of-date stock. Food will be packed here to a system and then delivered to the three foodbanks.

"We are looking to harvest waste food including over production by manufacturers. 5,000 tonnes a day go to landfill and we will not only be stocking the foodbanks, but also supporting breakfast clubs, lunch clubs and day centres.

"We have also linked up with other services to give people in need different kinds of support."

However Mr Gardner did add that despite the opening of the new warehouse, he predicts that the ever increasing demand will only accelerate further when impending changes are made to how working tax creditsoperate.

Mr Gardner and chairman of the CPR trust Rev. Jon Bellfield were pleased to also announce a new partnership with Camborne Taxis.

From now on every Camborne Taxis vehicle will act as a collection point for the foodbank, and then drivers delivering the donations to Mr Gardner as his team.

The audience was also told of the uplifting tale of one foodbank volunteer who after hearing that it was short on soup, went to numerous supermarkets in the area and returned with 400 tins of soup that were then processed before being dispatched to families in need.

For more information visit www.cprfoodbank.co.uk