Good News


We are thrilled to receive this donation for our services and support provided to our client behalf of Counselling and Benefit Support Limited


SP kindly gave a donation to CBS of £250 for the support and advice offered to the client we were exceptionally thankful .


With the help of CBS my Disability Living Allowance has been reinstated at a rate of £175.83 per month as of June 2019. In addition, I received a backdated sum of £1230.80 (November 2018 to May 2019) as my Disability Living Allowance had been stopped because PIP did not take the GP’s letter into consideration when assessing my PIP application; which they were supposed to have done, so CBS advocated on my behalf so it is now being addressed with the information that had been provided in the first instance by my GP.

Fingers crossed there will soon be even better news.


Client SS stated: With help and support from CBS advocating on my behalf I was awarded lower payments for Council Tax Arrears the charges dropped from £62 to £16 this has enabled me to pay off this debt completely thank you for the amazing support .


Client EC received support from CBS to complain against Nationwide one of the clients debtors she states  Nationwide called me today about the complaint. they said they agree it was bad service and will send me a cheque for 100 pounds plus a letter of apology thank you to CBS for this support.


Client RW won her appeal against Universal Credit due to actions of other agencies involved which had resulted in her having all her benefits stopped CBS worked closely  with Citizens Advice  and MP office as an advocate and the client  was awarded back payment s of housing benefit and child tax credits as well as Universal Credit payments so she was able to get her life back on track .


SB awarded PIP enhanced rate for care and mobility with support from CBS .