When I first met Rowena I was in trouble both financially and personally.

Rowena and CBS were already involved with my mums finances, helping to keep the debtors under control whilst she was going through a particularly unpleasant divorce. I was struggling trying to fill the gaps between finances that were running out of control, barely making minimum payments despite working full time.

Rowena finally convinced me to let her have a look and within 2 meetings everything was under control. Yes I still owed the debt, but Rowena worked as an intermediary between myself and the debtors to put in place an affordable payment plan for me. She took all of the pressure off so I could focus on what’s important. I wasn’t getting phone calls and letters every other day reminding me of how much I owed and how much I was being charged etc etc. She even managed to get 1 company to remove some of the interest!

She also took another massive weight off my shoulders by giving my mum someone else to talk too about everything. She let my mum rant and rave, then would calm her down, talk her through it and within an hour everything was ok again. She was an external source of information, so my mum actually listened when she was talking. It sounds crazy but I’m pretty sure she saved my life and the lives of my family, between the counselling and financial advice. She was and is fantastic!

Fast forward 18 months, and I have actually got a small amount left over each month for the first time since I can remember. The payments are up to date and some accounts are closed already. I even have enough to consider taking the other half shopping. Haha.

In short, she turned my financial and personal life around in a small amount of time and I cannot ever thank her enough! Gregory Wilkinson

We had for some time been trying to keep our heads above water with our finances and because of past experiences we felt pretty traumatised and found ourselves struggling rather than ask for help and so this would of gone on with my husbands dread of forms and my fibromyelgia  leaving me in pain and very exhausted but as it happened the support group we attend for fibromyelgia told us about the Cornwall Befriending Service, now called Counselling And Benefit Support, a number of them had been helped by this service.

It has been a lifeline, Rowena Koning our counsellor has been so very kind understanding and supportive we  can`t thank her enough, she has led us through applying and getting Pension Credit which in turn led to a Counsel Tax reduction and this has made so much difference to our income and made us feel like we could finally draw breath, she has also put us in contact with South West  Water Community Energy Plus, this is a charity who help you to get the best value from your energy supplier.

We wish such a service as this had been around before when we needed help after our business burnt down, because this service is invaluable when you are traumatised and faced with a mountain of forms.

There is a lot of people who are in need and need a service like this and could do with this sort of help. Christine & Les Nicholls.

CBS has supported and assisted me no end for almost 4 years now. They have not only understood me and my conditions, but also my struggles and past position. They have helped come back from a domestically violent relationship as well as me endlessly with my Accommodation, Benefits, Bills, Debt, Forms and other Day-to-Day tasks; I find stressful and struggle to complete because of my Asperger’s and other learning difficulties.

If it were not for the support of CBS Limited, I would not be where I am now; back on my feet after some very hard years and moving forward with Life. I am about to start a Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship at Falmouth University; which is something I could only of dreamed of. I feel that Counselling and Benefit Support Limited is an invaluable service, which deserves funding in order to help others like me. Thank you doesn’t cover it M. Jarvis

I was recommended to contact the CBS last year after receiving my PIP application.

Struggling like most people to cope with enormity of the form, let alone the possible outcome and the worry this would have on my health.

I arranged a meeting with Rowena Koning and arrived at the appointment a total mess. But I immediately felt at ease with her positive attitude and obvious knowledge in dealing with these problems. It was great that she helped me understand the application forms, explaining how long it may take to get a outcome. During the six month period that she has seen me, Rowena has also helped me with numerous other issues, like my energy bills, and in my case support, filling in and submitting my divorce petition.

I would recommend this service to anybody, they supported me, gave me encouragement when I was about to give up!!! Irene

When I first came to see Rowena I was feeling desperate and very angry, the DWP had not helped me and left me in a situation of despair.

They had turned me down for PIP and had taken away my only source of transport my mobility car, this as a consequence had a traumatic effect on my health issues of Fibromyalgia , kidney disease asthma , as well as my cognitive skills.

I was completely unable to go out as I also have agoraphobia and at my first session I talked about my frustration and anger at length and how I had been treated like a number not a human being , Rowena explained carefully that she could be an advocate on my behalf and asked if I would be happy to sign a form of authority which I did so, she contacted my GP and DWP and helped me through an appeal, my PIP was awarded this was over whelming the pressure and stress over many years completely disappeared.

I can now move forward with my life and purchase a car and remain independent, I feel I cannot thank CBS enough but I am happy to provide a donation to this service so Rowena can help more people, however I am still feeling strongly that my confidence and trust in DWP is gone forever, so if I need CBS again in the future I have been assured I could return if I need the service again Thank you. Joanne Cass

Rowena has changed the life of my mother, my wife and I. When we first walked in we were all broken, wrecked and exhausted with debt, personal stress and worry and no possible way of dealing with them. Rowena has seen us all through PIP stress, anxiety, depression, support for physical disability, and getting us food from a local food bank. Rowena sorted out my creditors, sorted out what documents for my mums PIP to be sent. We consider Rowena now our very trusted and life long friend who will always have a special place in our hearts. We can’t ever thank Rowena enough for what she did for us . We can’t truly give a strong enough testimonial of the service provided by Rowena. Rowena we will always be grateful. Andy Gray

I almost cannot find the words to explain how much Rowena has changed my life for the better. I first came to her a broken wreck, with thousands of pounds of debt and no idea how to cope with them. She has seen me through depression, anxiety, separation from my partner and physical disability to help me become a functioning member of society. She has helped me organise and cope with my creditors, taken me from application to appeal to successful awarding of PIP, and most importantly has become a friend for life and someone I trust implicitly. Even this statement cannot describe the amount of help she has given without hesitation or question. Rowena, you are amazing. Elizabeth Best

Since meeting with Rowena for several other appointments we have now received a positive outcome from PIP on Sues mobility component.
Sue was awarded 8 points for her mobility and therefore retained her blue badge and thanks to Rowena and CBS she now has her life back. We cannot speak highly enough about Rowena and CBS and we would have no hesitation in recommending Rowena and CBS for guidance should they be in need.We wish CBS every success for the future and sincerely hope they can continue to secure funding to be able to continue to offer this invaluable service to people like ourselves who have benefited so much we are extremely grateful long live CBS !! Sue and Colin Foxon

Firstly we would like to express our sincerest thanks and appreciation for the quality of your service, and in particular your friendly, and understanding manner, you expressed a genuine concern for Sue’s PIP decision, which has caused us great stress, thanks to your extreme professionalism, we left our meeting with you feeling much relieved, and confident now that we have your help and understanding. Colin and Sue Foxon

This testimonial has been very difficult for me to write in that I cannot praise Rowena and C.B.S. highly enough

During my first appointment I thought Rowena sounded too good to be true. She isn’t! Rowena has been in my corner supporting me and taking a great deal of stress off me from the outset – without her I don’t know how I could possibly have coped. She has done and is continuing to do everything in her power to help me and resolve my issues. And I am continually at the amazed at the various avenues she discovers to help me – A phrase “leaves no stone unturned” comes to mind.

Rowena’s demeanour and empathy puts you totally at ease, making her easy to talk to, and most importantly for me, able to relate to and understand what I have difficulty explaining.

They say the best form of advertisement is through “word of mouth”, I have recommended Rowena and C.B.S. to others and they are all of the same high opinion of her. Need I say more…..

Paul Mumford

I am very grateful to Rowena for all of her help and particularly for her understanding of my situation I find it difficult to communicate with anyone but Rowena understood and I felt relaxed in her company so thank you very much for all you have done and our doing.

Shellie Hayward

Just to say we are really grateful for all you have done for us and that you have relieved a lot of pressure from us and just very grateful for your professional and considerate and understanding manner.
Humbly grateful thank you very much.

Steve Harris

Rowena helped me so much, she is a miracle worker. she helped me so much i could never repay her. she bought me back from the brink of suicide. If it wasn’t for her i wouldn’t be here now without her. Her service needs to carry on to help others. she supported me through the process of PIP so much, i couldn’t do it without her like many other wouldn’t be able too.

Her service is invaluable to myself and so many others.

Wendy Knuckey

Had a fantastic achievement using this organization. Rowena was very helpfull and knowledgeable with the issue she was helping me with..i would recommend her and CBS to any friends in need of support

Jason Elliot

I cannot express how Rowena has changed my life. I have been through so much stress and anxiety as well as health problems and major surgery. It has been a godsend to have the support to help me relieve my financial situation and ease the debts. It has been a huge weight off my shoulders. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I don’t know what I would have done without you. My confidence has increased and I have gained a wonderful friend.

Liz B

When my benefits stopped and I had no income, I tried to work things out myself with no result. I had seen Rowena helping other clients and decided that I needed her help. Wow! Within two months Rowena gave me so much information and now one of my benefits has been reinstated and I am waiting for results on the other. I was fortunate to be able to get an appointment with Rowena quite quickly; her wealth of knowledge and sympathetic attitude made a scary situation understandable for me and her trust in me and positive approach made things so much better. Thanks Rowena!

Gillian Williams

Since i met Rowena my life has changed dramatically.When i first met her my life was a mess and could not see any light at the end of the tunnel.Rowena has sorted my benefits,housing benefit,council tax,water rates and tv license.Now i can sleep at night and not worry about a knock at the door.She is my guardian angel and i cannot thank her enough,she deserves a medal.

A Cox

After many years working supporting community Projects, i find myself homeless, in a women,s refuge,broken and penniless.I was introduced to Rowena through the Food bank, through her patience and understanding she was able to prioritize my immediate needs, offer practical help and advise.This in turn gave me hope and moor importantly a person to ring contact visit, a real person how listen.The tremendous need for this service is overwhelming, more and more families, and individuals in crisis are turning to food banks, it is our last hope, don,t take this away.


Firstly I’m amazed that someone has finally made the links between mental ill health, poor physical health and financial difficulty.

Mental ill health can lead to financial difficulty which can result in poor physical health. Poor physical health can result in mental ill health which can lead to financial difficulty. Financial difficulty can lead to poor physical health which can impact on mental health.

The service, although primarily a debt advice service, is a service that can also offer a level of support and advise with out becoming a counselling or therapy session. The service, with out being a specialist advocacy service can also offer a basic level of advocy by speaking or writing to people on your behalf. This is vital especially when your at lowest and cannot see away out and rather than therapy you need practical solutions.

The service is unique and has a unique style that just like me doesn’t fit into a box.

Rowena Koning and her organisation have been amazing. I found her to be a breath of fresh air. Not a single appointment has been has been the same, and every time I have come back blown away by how much it has exceeded my expectations.

I feel so strongly about services such as CBS and I do not know what I’d do with it. So far I have been able to access a full dyslexia assessment, a mental health assessment and have just started to get relevant, decent advice, help, and support with a disputed overpayment.

At the same time as all of this I have also received general help and advise that has helped me deal with a lot of the crap currently in my life.

I have found Rowena is quite possibly one of the most straight forward, honest speaking, down to earth people I have ever met. What’s brilliant about the service is she tells exactly where you stand with out glossing over the truth, with out patronising you, with out using technical or formal jargon, with out being all doom and gloom, and with out being all hippy dippy about it.

At the same time she helps you find a way out of your difficulties. Weather that’s taking action your self, small lifestyle changes, signposting, helping you make contact with someone or contacting someone on your behalf.

I really hope the service can and does continue. I am fed up with the lack of mental health support in this country especially in Cornwall and I am fed up with the lack of funding and funding cuts to such services.

This service is my last resort my final glimmer of hope as no other service can or will help me. In my opinion if we keep cutting, they’ll be nothing left to cut, and if we keep closing the door or are forced to close the doors for good on people such as myself then the problems will only getting worse and strong possibility of becoming  fatal!!

Dawn Eden

Using the CBS was a very positive experience. I have been helping a friend who has a family member suffering from mental health problems and we were out of our depth, not knowing who to turn to. Rowena explained the services available, counselled us on potential ways forward and assisted us in communicating with the many agencies we needed to deal with.

She helped lighten the load on both of us and we feel we are on the right path to getting my friend’s family member the help they need. CBS have been incredibly helpful, an essential service. Thank you.

Henry Davies

This is a short story on how I was helped by the cbs .A few months ago my partner left me, when he left he also left me in debt with almost all my bills,he made me give up my job saying he would look after me , anyway he didn’t so I was on my own with no where to turn I was very depressed and even considered killing myself,my one and only friend told me about cornwall befriending services and Rowena .so I made an appointmentment and it was the best thing I could ever of done ,Rowena looked at all my debts and helped me she contacted most of the companys I owed money to ,and sorted out payment plans and now months later things have improved greatly ,I have a job I like I am paying off my debts and I am happy at last ,I have down days now and again but I am coping so much better ,if it wasn’t for the cbs and the amazing Rowena who deserves so much praise and my gratitude for what she has done for me , I honestly don’t know where I would be now , I cant thank her enough ,this service needs all the funding that is available to help others . so thank you so much cbs and Rowena.

Sandra Ayre

Felt at a loss. No light at the end of the tunnel. Suffering with depression and anxiety and bills coming from different directions. I lost the will to carry on. Both myself and husband suffer from arthritis and i an not working and my husband was made redundant. The whole world was caving in around us. My son had started college and tax credits were getting information wrong. Leaving us with very little to live on. My husband started claiming jsa but even that caused problems as we had to make one weeks money last for too. They gave us a voucher for the food bank in Penryn. And thats where we meet Rowena. She was like a breath of fresh air. She allowed us to discuss our situation. Our concerns and to take a step back. Rowena really listened to our concerns with a non judgemental approach. You felt you could relax with Rowena and she was not just an advisor but a friend. Who was not only concerned about our financial situation but our emotional and mental one.

We had been battling with tax credits for a year. Since our son started college. So our son was worried that he was effecting our financial situation by being at college. Rowena didnt hesitate but got us in touch with our local MP. who has been dealing with tax credits and now we have alight at the end of the tunnel.Rowena helped us get our bills organised and contacted housing benefit in regard to paying our rent. Rowena as also given me advice on starting a course and doing some voluntry work. Which really looking forward to doing. Our son is feeling better about doing his course now. Rowina helped us get some finacial help through donations from the church and as i want to start my own business. Rowena as put me in contact with startup. A year ago. I had list all hope and things were getting worse. I wouldnt go out the house. Felt worthless and useless and now we are looking forward to the future. With plans in starting a small business and hopefully my husband will be returning to work soon. Rowena is an inspiration and her knowledge of services is impeccable. She has a professional attitude that is not intimidating. And is a caring and kind person as well as a friend. We need more people like Rowena with all her knowledge and advice.

Thankyou .Rowena you have been a god send. Rowena you are a star. Offering to cover to help in all aspects of financial and emotional issues and a wonderful person. Many Many Thanks Mr and Mrs Thomson xx

CBS & Rowena you are My Guardian Angel!!

As a lone parent to children with disabilities. I was at the point of breakdown financially, emotionally, mentally & socially isolated. I had no one to turn to & nowhere to go..I was constantly stressed & in tears, coping, but not really coping.

I was referred to Rowena by CPR Food bank.
The first advice Rowena gave me is to ‘Stop trying to eat the elephant in one bite’… that she was there to help me break it down into manageable chunks . Rowena has been true to her word and exceeded all my expectations, she is a font of all knowledge. The best thing I ever did for my family was allow her to be my advocate where I could no longer fight.

I had been in dispute with Student Finance for over 6 years, Rowena has managed to get more information out of them than I ever have. The bill has gone down £4k already & i’m sure by the time she’s finished her work it’ll be zero (as it should be). She has been relentless in supporting my claim.
She has also helped my eldest son with his student finance application & advised on how to get a Disability Support Allowance which is important to his study & uni life. He has been awarded Student Finance & DSA.
I was in huge debt with my electricity company, she applied to an energy charity for me to wipe the debt clean. I am now free to choose a cheaper tariff & manage my electricity budget. Rowena also introduced me to Cornwall Community Energy who have given me practical advice on how to reduce my overall electricity costs by £320pa. So far I have received energy advice, a smart meter, energy efficient light bulbs and have found out about a grant to help me heat the house in winter…we spent the whole winter without heat as I couldn’t afford it, hopefully next winter we can heat & eat?!. Rowena also applied for an ACTS grant for a dehumidifier for us, so we aren’t living in such cold damp conditions which will improve my sons Asthma.
I have been signposted to OFCOM to resolve a broadband issue successfully… Environmental health to resolve a domestic issue… Change bank account & a savings plan which will all help me budget easier.. signposted me to Do Ron Services for all the DIY jobs I was unable to do & ask for building repair advice & contacts. Rowena gave me some pro-bono legal information which I was able to pass onto a local support group.
Socially she told me about K9 Crusaders as we love our dogs, my children & I have gone to many fun dog shows, which has increased all of our confidence levels & got us out of the house as a family. I’m in a much better place emotionally for knowing all this, my family’s home environment is a much safer, warmer place to live in.
I have been introduced to a local MP by Rowena & we have stated our case about the ‘heat or eat’ debate (ok not listened to but we tried!!). I have spoken to Jeremy Corbyn & local councillors about CBS’ work at a recent seminar, they are aware of her & for the need of CBS in Cornwall.
I have had so many on-going issues regarding my children’s disability due to so many services being cut. Rowena sign-posted me to CIC counselling to support my daughter’s emotional well-being. She was able to get a care plan for my son, which had been denied to us and is currently supporting me emotionally through a re-assessment of his needs.

Before I met Rowena I was close to cracking up mentally. I have received much needed counselling from Rowena, just someone to lighten the load has helped my mental health so much..I didn’t realise how unhappy I was until we started talking. She has referred me to the Susie Project for extra support.
The best advice yet to support my mental health was to suggest I contact Cornwall Dyslexia Association for assessment – after decades of struggling with paperwork & processing issues, which have left me feeling ‘stupid & inferior’ I have been diagnosed with Dyslexia/Dyspraxia/ADHD. I am now able to apply to university, receive the right support via a DSA, which means hopefully one day I will be able to work & get out of this awful poverty trap that we live in.
Rowena was the only person to have sensed that I may struggle due to some neurological processing…Why did no one else pick it up? Rowena has counselled me about dealing with my condition… my families disabilities… my finances… my emotional struggles. I have told friends about CBS as they are having similar issues to me, some have been helped by Rowena too.
She is my Guardian Angel, font of all knowledge & finance Champion. I would not have survived the last 6 months without her.
Thank you so much x

Carolyn Schuoler

Last week we received the good news that we were going to receive a Carers Grant, accessed via Cornwall Carers’ Service. This is due to the excellent advise given to us by Rowena as we had never heard of this grant. This will enable us to now visit our son and our 2 grandsons and give myself a break.
Many many thanks as without Rowenas’ advise we would not have know about it.
Terry and Jennie Furminger

Before I met Rowena I felt totally hopeless, lost and forgotten. I was in a dark dark place not knowing where or who to turn to. I was also very skeptical about having another person attempting to help me again. In the past it led nowhere quickly, except back to where I started, which is where I was when I met Rowena.I felt there was no more fight left in me. I couldn’t face anymore false hope again, only to then be left crashing down again. It’s been hard for me here, really hard. When I first met Rowena, I felt nothing could ever come from it. Yet from the beginning her honesty and direct open approach overwhelmed me, she hid nothing from me, what I saw was what I got – that was impressive. From then on she has shown me nothing less then the absolute genuine character qualities necessary to do the work Rowena does. She has the best listening ear ever, she genuinely does care, she is realistic, she’s patient, she does not disregard or dismiss anything, she never backs off a situation, she works really hard for all of us and succeeds. She is amazing ..
I could not ask for a safer more reliable person to bare my vulnerabilities to than Rowena. She has impeccable respect for us and wholly understands that difficulties do occur to people in this life, and the best thing is … she knows how to remedy them !!
Rowena is a real persons person, open and honest all the time, she is creative in her thinking, innovative, walks the talk and has a great sense of humor. Rowena never discriminates and never gives up. She also really loves chocolate, which I think is important because she shows she is on an open par with us, she is not a pretender ..
If ever there was ‘1’ person that deserved the support and backing of local council, government, funders and genuine people that are after honest results, Rowena Koning is that very special ‘1’ person, she’s the real deal and a breath of fresh air to all of us ~ THANK YOU Rowena for re instilling hope into my life, thank you, may you grow from strength to strength and be to more people what you have been to me … Well Done


While visiting the food bank in Penryn after finding I was not going to receive any Universal Credit for up to 6 weeks after being told this would be 4 weeks , Prior to this I had recently lost my job and was placed on JSA which had sanctions and switched to so called  Universal Credit without my knowledge .I was advised to contact CBS via food bank manager which I did on then meeting with Rowena she has been working tirelessly with many issues.

I had a so called over payment of Housing Benefit Benefit and non payment of Universal Credit putting my tenancy at risk and rent arrears building she contacted my MP who was given information regarding Housing Landlord Benefits for the MP and her assistant to resolve.

Rowena helped me to claim a refund through the NHS for dental charges I could not afford due to sanctions. CBS applied for Acts 435 and I was awarded £90 this enabled me to pay off my fuel debt , also spoke with my GP for support with Benefits and Job center advisor for support with benefits.

Rowena applied for Council Tax Support which I was awarded, Home Warm Discount was awarded for gas bill , she supported me emotionally with family issues as family living in London and brother is ill and my sister died which was a complete nightmare.

CBS informed me of Cornwall .Gov and post office payment for voucher to offer support with bills.

This is an invaluable service without this support people could be made homeless and be in crisis.

Thank you, Anthony

Today I have been helped by CBS today to negotiate with HMRC about an overpayment of tax credits. The service I have received from Rowena Koning has been exceptional. the debt had been passed over to a debt recovery service, which was causing me considerable stress. However, She managed to get the debt put on hold for a number of months or until my circumstances change for the better.

As for the service (CBS) as a whole, I have found them to be the most effective debt advisory service that I have come across. I found “Step change”, quite unhelpful, as their telephone advisor was short tempered and rude. I have found the face-to-face approach of CBS to be an outstanding and person-centred approach which produces positive results.

I have also approached CAB and I found them unhelpful and hard to access with limited appointments they didn’t listen to my needs so felt frustrated .

I have been helped by CBS for a number of months now, and the results to my life has been amazing. My stress levels have dropped considerably and my life is now back on track. I cannot stress how important to they have been to me.

Thank you,
Nicholas Carroll

Rowena Advisor from Cornwall Befriending Services CIC has offered me support and guidance which has enabled me to apply for Water Aid to financially support my water debt so I have now been awarded a 50% reduction of my water bill and a grant to pay off my existing debt so thank you very much for helping me apply for it.


We went to Cornwall befriending services for some help as we were getting into debt and had are P.I.P stopped meaning we was going to have the mobility car taken off us, we saw Rowena Koing and told her everything she was a great listener and put us at ease , she put us in the right direction, we have now won the P.I.P appeal and we can keep the car, we would recommend her and Cornwall befriending services to others. Thankyou very much.

Doug and Helen

I just wanted to say thank you for helping me emotionally , I do feel stronger inside and I hope the service continues to be funded as it is needed here. – MMB

With my daughter I attended CBS and it was the first time any one person had given any support at all.Rowena demonstrated her care for people not found with other agencies.- Anthony Keefe

Without the help and support I have had from Rowena(CBS) my life would be very desperate. As a carer to my aged father and daughter with mental health problems I was finding many problems with forms,bills,and my self esteem was lacking as so many agents I had asked for help never had the time of day to stop and hear me but Rowena found time to listen to my problems and has help me solve them and my self esteem.
I am very grateful to the CBS team and am sure if I never found this help my father would have to be taken into an retirement home and my daughter would not survive. A service very much needed in this day and age.Thank you. – Jane Christos

When I visited Cornwall Befriending Services at Camborne Foodbank I felt that had exhausted all of the options I could think of.

Rowena from Cornwall Befriending Services gave me clear guidelines and guidance to follow. Agencies were contacted on my behalf to relieve pressure financially and emotionally. All of this was achieved in a friendly and collaborative way which made me feel that I was part of the decision making process and always had choices.

Rowena is a highly skilled and effective communicator and empowerer. It is a relief to have such a valuable facility and person available in our community. – Jason Lessiter

Rowena Koning is one of the must helpful people I have ever meet. I am a student who has landed on hard times. she has put me on to several really helpful web sites, along with sorting out my money problems. have put other students on to the web sites most of whom are really happy with them. Thank you ever so Rowena – Callum Wilkinson

I would like to thank Rowena from CBS for all of her ongoing support by helping me sort out my debts, filling out housing forms, budgeting and CV advice. When this is done I will be getting some counseling as I have been through a lot over the years and with Rowena’s help get my life back on track.

This service would be a great loss to the community if it wasn’t available. I am just so happy that I found out about it when I did as I don’t think I would have coped for much longer with everything I have been through. Rowena has been very kind to me and has a very warm, friendly personality. I would recommend this service to anyone. Thank you again to CBS and Rowena for all your help and support. – Ruth

I would like to thank CBS and Rowena in particular for the help and advice she has given me.
Her input and knowledge enabled me to reduce my expenditure and to create a family budget. She was also valuable as a sounding board and mentor in family issues I had. To lose her most useful facility would be a considerable loss to this area and to others far more needy than me. I hope her service remains operating. – Tony Bevington

I am very happy with the excellent service that Cornwall befriending service has provided me helping me in every problem I have encountered including benefit sanctions, housing problems, and all debts with electric and council tax, overall an excellent service that got my situations sorted out exceptionally quick. – John Abbott

On my first visit nto CBS I was in a terrible state. I felt completely overwhelmed by numerous debts I had built up and was close to breaking point. However, I had a meeting with Rowena and she assured me that by working together we could sort out this mess. We are both addressing my debts now and I am feeling empowered. Not only have we managed to work out suitable payment plans to creditors, we managed to get a bill from HMRC reduced from £5000 to Zero. My advice to anyone with debt issues is not to ignore them, as things get worse. Go to see an advisor from CBS….They really help. – Nicholas Carroll

Rowena from CBS has been and is quite simply a lifeline for me. When I lost my flat two years ago Life became like a domino effect I did not know where to turn and have been like a headless chicken till now , the situation left me in lots of debt and financial hardship I had my belongings in storage. I had been informed that this would be sorted out but no help was forth coming.

Now Cornwall Befriending Services has helped me to pay off storage debt and is helping me with ongoing support. I have found Rowena to be a very warm person whose photo doesn’t do her justice because her human kindness doesn’t come across. I am shy of meeting new people but Rowena was very welcoming I would recommend this service to other people. – Kim

Its been a very positive experience with Rowena, giving great advice in enabling me to renew my very out dated CV, as I’m actively seeking employment in the area. Rowena made me feel relaxed, gave expert advice and  instructions to able me to complete the task. Really recommend her services. – E Poole

Our service is entirely dependent upon the input of volunteers as we seek to support homeless and vulnerable adults in Newquay. Good volunteers will bring an enthusiastic input, but will rarely be able to provide the detailed knowledge and understanding needed to enable individuals to really overcome difficult and complicated circumstances. CBS provides the absolutely vital expertise needed to really make a difference. Whereas we can feed people and meet emergency practical needs, CBS can work with them to overcome real barriers to progress.

One client had a hugely complicated debt with the HMRC. We did not know how to deal with the problem, and were mightily relieved to be able to access the help provided by CBS who ploughed a course through the problem for him in a professional and effective manner. We exist in a world which has seen funding cuts over a long period. The resulting reduction in support services may help the public purse, but the needs have remained !
and increased in difficult times where we have seen individuals with absolutely no income. Hopefully, CBS will be around to help to meet some of the needs here in Cornwall where acute poverty exists alongside mass tourism. –  Beacon Of Light Project Newquay 

I found CBS to be friendly supportive and were a great help when dealing with my bank and debtors and government officials especially DWP
CBS gave good clear advice on dealing with my financial issues. I have recommended this service to my friends and would do so again. – K

Incredible helpful and friendly advice from Rowena Koning. help me understand my financial situation and ways to get out of it. – Elaine Wilkinson

Outstanding support and measures put in place for my extreme situations with life that were not recognized and having to deal with being socially outcast and discriminated against during the worst social aspects of my life to finally have an organisation who treated me with respect , without discrimination and prejudices and support me as a human being and allow situations to be resolved thank you so much CBS – JJ

Transformation CPR is incredibly fortunate to have CBS partner with us to provide support services to those who need it most. Rowena is incredibly knowledgeable in a wide range of areas and has helped untold numbers of vulnerable people to get themselves out of the situation they find themselves in, sometimes from the depths of despair. The support they provide is invaluable. – Transformation CPR

This service has been an extremely helpful push in getting my life sorted out and back on track. I would absolutely recommend CBS to anyone who may be in need of it – Jack, CPR food bank

Over the last few months I feel like a weight has been lifted. Even at my lowest, coming through the door here has given me the strength to face my problems and sort them out. Thank you for giving me a stress free life back! – Emma, Private Client Self Referral

I am still very pleased with this service thank you – Nick Smith, CPR Food Bank

Each day I wake up I have a smile on my face and this is because of the amazing support Rowena has given me. I am starting to get my life back on track and her support has been invaluable, I would not hesitate from recomending Rowena to anyone! Thanks Rowena – Steven, CPR Food Bank